Math 313 - Introduction to Linear Algebra


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • State precise definitions of key terms introduced in the course, including systems of linear equations, vectors, vector spaces, dimension, linear independence, matrix terminology, eigenvectors and eigenvalues.

  • Carry out basic computations from linear algebra by hand, such as row reduction, determinant calculation, etc., as well as use MATLAB to carry out more intensive computations.

  • Produce simple deductive arguments that follow from the definitions and justify steps in deductive arguments based on basic logical principles.

  • Write sentences that explain the relation between key ideas in linear algebra and the algorithms that allow their calculation, e.g. the definition of a linearly independent set of vectors versus the computation of a linear independent set of vectors from a spanning set.


MATH 129, MATH 223, MATH 243, MATH 254, or CSC 245. Must not have taken MATH 310.


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Math 313


The following course materials are required for Math 313:

  • sections 001-009: “Linear Algebra and its Applications” by Lay, Lay, and McDonald, custom version for UA (5th edition), published by Pearson. (accessed through d2l and charged to Bursar's account)

  • sections 103, 203, 403: "Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction" by Poole (4th edition) published by Cengage. (accessed through d2l and charged to Bursar's account)

  • Access to MATLAB software.


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